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Windows and doors

Modern windows and doors fulfill not only decorative purposes, but have much more important properties which affect the quality of living comfort.
The main factors include thermal insulation and soundproofing. Our PVC profiles meet all expectations on modern windows and doors: They are energy and cost efficient, safe, have low maintenance costs, are easy to clean and very durable.

Takoum Germany offers a variety of different profiles, colors, shapes and sizes.


Choose between our profile systems - tailored for your specific needs:

Profile system S 3000

Our system S 3000 allows an easy installation and handling on site. A special wing design with a narrow width and harmonious curves allows the construction of filigree windows.

Profile system S 3000
Profile system S 8000 IQ

Profile system S 8000 IQ

Our system S 8000 IQ shines with an excellent stability due to a strong steel reinforcement in the frame and sash, is easy to clean and simultaneously has an improved heat and sound insulation.

Profile system for sliding doors and windows

In addition to our profiles with classic hinges, we offer a modern sliding system for windows and doors. This is system has high robustness and variability.

Profile system for sliding doors and windows


Choose between a color with Acrylcolor or decorative films to give your project a personal touch:


When using the colouring method of coextrusion the white PVC base and the coloured acrylic glass are inextricably linked together in a single operation. The fusion of the two materials creates a satin, coloured external profile surface that can withstand wind and weather without problems

The white inside of the profiles ensures that the windows will fit regardless of the style of the interior of each room.

Features & Characteristics

The colouring method of coextrusion stands for unsurpassed colour fastness. Even with successive replacement of window units in one building, differences are almost not detectable even after years.

The acrylic surface has not only a high scratch resistance, but it is also insensitive to dust and dirt.

Acrylcolor windows are extremely easy to maintain. Peeling, flaking and the hassle of repainting do not exist. Acrylcolor windows are stain-resistant and simple to clean.

With a thickness of approximately 0.5 mm, the acrylic layer is thicker than any other coating. If shallow scratches occur, the material reserve is sufficient to restore the original surface by polishing it.

Acrylcolor windows are fully recyclable. Old windows are re-granulated and processed into high-quality plastic that can be reused for new windows. A complete material cycle is therefore guaranteed.

Range of colours

Pure white / RAL 9010

Dekor foil

The combination of different colours and patterns is of particular importance to the design of facade and interior. We meet these requirements with our new laminating technology. Thanks to this technology, almost any variation of acrylic color, wood finish or uni colour foil can be realized with any type of profile.

Golden Oak


Our high-quality double glazing keeps wind and weather outside and guarantees a good sound and an adequate thermal insulation. In addition to our standard product, we also provide glasses with an increased sun protection level and safety glass.

The glass is sourced from Europe and locally cut according to the requirements, filled with insulating gas and permanently sealed.